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Several observations:
1. The power of Google has created an impression that anything can easily be found by entering a few words. The advent of  collaborative genealogy websites, such as, WorldConnect and FamilySearch, has reinforced this impression by treating unverifiable member lineages as legitimate sources. These unverifiable lineages are in no way legitimate sources and these lineage conglomerations produce The Immense and Growing Echo Chamber of Genealogically Related Garbage.  It has been estimated that less than 5% of all archived legitimate genealogical source documents have been transcribed and/or indexed and are available on the web; however this world wide archive is also rapidly growing.
2. One of the most efficient research tools available is the census. The census is one of the first places to look for your ancestor, not the last. You have not reached a dead-end or brick wall until you have carefully checked all the censuses in which your ancestor might be enumerated.

Most importantly:
I will be glad to freely give you my assistance, but I am not a computer or a genealogy Google.  To discover any information that is not on my web page or in my database requires my time and effort. I almost always start this research by looking at the censuses.
Computers and Google do not expect a "thank you"; but I do, even if my answer is less than pleasing to you.

If you want me to respond, please make sure that your email/junk mail program does not block my email address. It happens all the time. If you have not received a reply in a few days, your junk mail filter has probably blocked my message.

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Revised Sep 12, 2018