Northeast Ulster, Southwest Scotland & the Isle of Man circa 1677



The North Channel of the Irish Sea separates Ulster (Ultonie) & Scotland (Escosse) by about 20 miles at the closest point. Note the small town of Belfast on the Ulster coast. The large bay (Dumbarton) in Scotland is now called the Firth of Clyde. The Kintyre peninsula in Argyllshire is on the north & northwest side of the firth. On the east & southeast side of the firth are Ayrshire & Wigtownshire. Note Ayr & Cuningham. The Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea, about midway between Ulster and England. The distance from Belfast to the Isle of Man is about 60 miles; from Belfast to Ayr is about 80 miles.

From:  Carte des Isles Britanniques - 1677  by Pierre D'Abbeville Du Val


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