Will of William Short of Dale Parish

September 11, 1765




To eldest son Young, ₤5

To grandson Grief Short, 100 acres, part of land purchased of George Sowell, next to Ammonet and Capt. Sallee, to have west end of tract, next to branches of Falling Creek. My son Thomas is to possess said land for life.

To son Samuel, remainder of land purchased from Sowell and part of land purchased of John Hancock and William Brammer, next to Jacob Trabue, the Manikin Road, Sowell’s line And Capt. Sallee’s line.

To son John, all lands between Jacob Trabue’s new road and the river.

To wife Barbary, ˝ of personnel estate and other ˝ to sons, John and Samuel.


Executors: son Young and George Sowell

Wit: John Morrisett, Elias Sasseen, Mary Sowell, George Sowell


Chestefield County Virginia Wills 1749 – 1774

Benjamin B. Weisiger


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