Will of Young Shortt

Sep 4, 1795



Lend to wife Mary, three negroes and items from like and then to be sold within families of my children.

To daughter Suckey Hoskins, ₤5 and one negro,

To daughter Elizabeth Cullin, land I purchased of Thomas Randolph bounded by Manikin River, Randolph’s line and Martin’s line. Also, one negro.

To daughter Mary Robertson, one negro and ₤50.

To daughter Nancy Shortt, two negroes.

To daughter Peggy Shortt, two negroes.

To son Edmond, several negroes.

To son Archibald, one negro.

To son Reubin, land and plantation he lives on bounded by line Elliott Lacy ran towards the Long Swamp, Pohite Creek and also three negroes.

To son Young William, rest of my land, houses and plantation where I live and three negroes. If he dies without heirs, then slaves to be sold in the family and money to my three other sons and land to my three grandsons: Young Short, son of Edmond; Obediah Shortt, son of Archibald; and Rubin Shortt, son of Reubin. If my son Young William Shortt has a son, he is to christen him Young and leave him the above land when he dies.

To granddaughter Polly Shortt, daughter of Edmond, all right and interest in the Seeler Coult (?) in Mecklenburg.

Wife to give up dower right and live with any son she chooses.


Excutors: Young William Shortt, Edmond Shortt, Arcibald Shortt Reubin Shortt

Wit: William Trabue, John Deton, Michael Wells


Chesterfield County Virginia Wills 1774 – 1795

Benjamin B. Weisiger


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