The Branches of Byrd Creek

The mouth of Byrd (Bird) Creek is on the James River, upstream from Richmond.  Byrd Creek winds generally northward until the branches are reached in present day northeast Fluvanna County, near the borders of Goochland and Louisa Counties. In this section of a modern U. S. Geological Survey topographic map, Byrd Creek is labeled in the lower left corner. It winds generally northeastward until it branches at Venable Creek and another unnamed creek. To the east of this junction is Venable Road which intersects with a remnant of the Three Chopt Road. Abraham Venable was a wealthy plantation owner who owned a vast section of this area. In 1741, John Woody purchased 200 acres from Abraham; however, John already owned property here, because in 1738 he was appointed as a surveyor for part of the nearby Three Chopt Road. This area was in Goochland when it was formed from Henrico in 1728. In 1744, it became part of Albemarle and in 1777, part of Fluvanna. Records related to the Woodys can be found in all three counties, so this gives the appearance that they frequently moved westward. They probably did not do so until John Woody died.

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Created Oct 22, 2017