Edward Hilton/Helton Overview


Edward Hilton appears on the Henry County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists from 1785 until 1789, so if Edward became 21 years old in 1785, his birth date would be circa 1763. From 1782 until 1784, John, Newman, Joseph, Nathaniel, Samuel and Soloman Hilton appeared on one or more tax lists, so one of these men was probably the father of Edward. In 1790, all of these men were absent from the Henry Tax List. Patrick County was formed from part of Henry in this year, so I assume that these men lived in the part of Henry that became Patrick.  Census records seem to indicate that Edward and Sarah Woody Hilton moved to White County, Tennessee by 1820. In that year, Edward (45+) and a older female (26/45) were enumerated in White with five males and three females younger than twenty-six.  However, in 1830, Edward (60/70) living alone and in 1840 he was recorded as a Revolutionary War pensioner, age 77. living in the home of Joseph B. Glenn. The only other Hilton recorded in the 1830 White County census was Elizabeth (50/60) with a large family.  This might have been Sarah; however, there was a Sarah Hilton (40/50) recorded in Lincoln County, Tennessee the same year. She also had a large family. Lincoln County is where Sarah's father, William Banks Woody, moved to in the early 1800s, so Sarah could have been near one of her sisters.

Online lineages claim that Edward Hilton (Helton) was a Revolutionary War Veteran and that his pension application gives his birth date as May 14, 1761 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He supposedly died August, 1849 in White County, Tennessee. Judy (Julia) Helton, the daughter of Edward and Sarah Woody Helton, supposedly married Joseph Glenn. Judy died c1845. Joseph died c 1849.

Conclusion: The online lineages appear to be a good match for the census and tax facts. However, this family seems to have broken up between 1820 and 1830. I have no idea what happened to Sarah Woody Hilton/Helton. I would appreciate receiving any facts that are pertinent to these people.

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Created Feb 17, 2007
Revised Jan 14, 2012