"Map of the Most Inhabited part of Virginia, containing the whole province of Maryland
with Part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina”
From: The Library of Congress, American Memory Collection
Surveyed by Joshua Fry & Peter Jefferson, Drawn: 1751, Published: 1755
(The original map is on three pieces of linen.  Total dimensions: about 30" x 48")

Important land marks: The larger river is the James flowing from west to east towards the Chesapeake Bay. On the James, near the bottom is Richmond. A few miles west of Richmond, on the south side of the James is Manakin Town, settled about 1700 by Huguenot refugees. Across the James from Manakin Town is Dover Creek (the site of Dover Church, where Henry & Susannah Martin were married) & Tuckahoe Creek (where Henry & Webby Woody lived). Byrd Creek (where John Woody lived), a tributary of the James, is on the far left. In the upper right are Totopotomy and Matadequin Creeks, tributaries of the Pamunkey River (where James, John, Micajah & Samuel Woody lived).

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Revised Feb 20, 2009