Woody DNA Project Case Study

            Recently, a Woody male and his female first cousin joined the Woody DNA Project. The male was tested for his yDNA and the female was tested for her autosomal (Family Finder) DNA. The results of these tests were very informative on several levels. The male was confirmed to be a part of the Group 3 (Old Virginia) Woody line. This was very interesting since, based on strong circumstantial evidence, his ancestors had previously been assumed to be part of the Group 2 (William & Sarah) Woody line. So very significant, indisputable family history information was obtained from the yDNA test results. Perhaps even more interestingly, the autosomal results of the first cousin do not even hint at a Woody connection. This may be an unusual occurrence, but we are not so sure. It seems obvious that no other relatives of the tested pair have been tested by FTDNA for autosomal DNA, but may be in the future. But the question is: When in the future? Although the general area in which these participants live has one of the highest concentrations of Woodys in the United States, it has produced very few other Woody DNA Project participants.
            Bottom Line: This is dramatic evidence of the continued usefulness of yDNA. The yDNA evidence is immediate, easily understood and does not need more research to prove. It is quite possible that autosomal matches will occur in the future and these could be very useful, but will anyone notice or care?

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Created Aug 21, 2013