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          If they are known to me, the parents, spouses and children of each individual in this Database are shown as clickable links. Use these links to move up and down the pedigree. In addition, there is pedigree chart icon directly under each individual's name. Click on this icon to create a basic display of the individual's siblings, family and pedigree.

        My goal is to provide a citation for the source of each piece of information in this Database. These citations generally fall into two broad categories:

                   First - original/reproduced/abstracted/transcribed records of primary and secondary genealogical data such as censuses, state & local vital records, church records, tax & tithe records, land records, court records, etc.

                   Second - attributions to other author's and family historian's publications. These attributions are not sources. Many authors of these publications, both print and online, do not include the sources for their work, so these attributions should be used as a guide to locating primary and secondary sources. I have tried to verify many  of these attributions, but any attribution that is not supplemented with citations to primary or secondary sources should be treated as speculation. Verifying the speculation is up to you.

        My own direct lines are mainly documented with citations to primary and secondary sources and I continually strive to upgrade weaker references.

        Many explanatory notes in Notes and Event-Misc references are also provided. Some of these references address conclusions that are based on "circumstantial" indirect primary and secondary evidence. Sometimes the explanatory notes are extremely important. Please read them.



How I do Research



            A significant amount of previously unpublished information in the Database has been generously donated by other family historians. Many times I  supplement these contributions with my own analysis of other published genealogies, as well as, primary & secondary sources. In addition, I publish original research based on extensive analysis of primary and secondary sources. I have done field research in Lawrence, Belmont & Monroe Counties, Ohio and Henry, Franklin & Loudoun Counties, Virginia. However, I do make incorrect assumptions sometimes and this is where you can help.  If you find errors, please email the corrections to me. Additionally, any additions/clarifications that expand the database will be greatly appreciated. Your unselfish assistance will help others in the search for their roots. Finally, these pedigrees are not “direct line” genealogies. I am interested in all collateral lines, male and female, plus the ancestors of spouses. No piece of information is insignificant to me.


            At the bottom of the Family History Page, a list of contributors is provided. I have tried to include every person that has aided in the creation of the Database. Also listed are the libraries, archives and other institutions that I have visited. I am especially grateful for the services provided by local LDS Family History Centers.


            Good luck with your search.


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Revised Apr 30, 2013