Will of Alexander McCorkle of Buchanan Co., Missouri



Buchanan Co., Missouri

Dated: May 6, 1851

Recorded: June 14, 1851

Exec: wife, Elizabeth & George F. McCorkle.

My children or their heirs:

Barbary Ann Hartman, Uriel Jackson McCorkle, Alexander Marion McCorkle, Catherine Wiles, Cynthia Jane McCorkle, Nelson Monroe McCorkle &  John Lovel McCorkle.

Wit: Benjamin F. Loan, William T. Harris, William P. Loan


Will Administration (Abstract)

 September 17, 1855

Admr: Urial J. McCorkle

Heirs are: George McCorkle, Barbara Ann Hartman, Uriel J. McCorkle, Alexander Marion McCorkle, Catherine E. Wills, Synthia J. McIninch, Nelson M. McCorkle, John L. McCorkle.

Sec: Evan R. Richards & Washington C. Bates


Buchanan County, Missouri - Abstracts of Will & Administrations, 1839-1857

Nadine Hodges & Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1969


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