The Three Notched Road
(aka Chopted Road & Mountain Road)

From The Route of the Three Notch'd Road: A Preliminary Report
by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett and Howard H. Newlon

This road connected Richmond with Staunton and the Great Wagon Road in Augusta.
The first work on this road was initiated by a Goochland Road Order on 19 Jun 1733
As the Woodys and their neighbors moved west, they almost always located near this road.

Until Albemarle was created from western Goochland in 1744, Augusta formed the western boundary of Goochland.
In 1777, Fluvanna was created from eastern Albemarle and became the western border of Goochland.
The Woody's Bird Creek home ended up in Fluvanna near the Goochland line,
thus the Woody's records are found in the records of Goochland, Albemarle and Fluvanna.

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Revised Apr 23, 2019