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            We list the basic (short) family lineages, by earliest ancestor (Patriarch), that are provided by project participants and others. The information contained in these basic lineages can be used as a starting point for additional research of the more detailed lineages and reference sources found both online and other repositories. The Line Leaders are volunteers and serve as a point of contact for those interested in a particular lineage. If it is known, we also provide a link to the lineage contributor's online website. We hope to eventually include the lineages of each branch of all McCaffrey, etc. family trees and to arrange their yDNA results on the "Results" page. Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on the Patriarchs page. At the end of many of the lineages, there is a red M-xy designator. This identifies the yDNA data on the Results Page. We do not post any information concerning living or possible living people born less than 100 years ago. Inclusion of these lineages does not necessarily mean that the administrators and/or line leaders agree with the lineage creator's research.

            To add your abbreviated lineage to this page, please email it to the McCaffrey Project Administrator.  If you have an online lineage that you would like your submission to be linked to, please include the URL.

Patrick McCaffrey bc 1790 Co Monaghan IRL m Mary Doherty
    Terence McCaffrey b 1818 Co Monaghan IRL m Rose Tierne
        Joseph McCaffrey b 18 Apr 1866 Co Monaghan IRE m Isabella Murray
            Edward McCaffrey b 29 Sep 1907 Co Monaghan IRE m Susan McCaffery M1 & M23

Patrick McCaffrey bc 1788 IRL m Susan Horine
    John McCaffrey b 27 Sep 1813 Co Fermanagh IRL m Susan Harris
        Charles John McCaffrey b 18 May 1853 Clark Co OH m Jennie Minerva Brownell
            Horace McCaffrey b 1 Jul 1885 Montgomery Co OH m Mary Lucinda Klepfer
                Horace McCaffrey b 10 Feb 1916 Dallas Co TX m Loraine Michels M2

James McCaffrey bc 1746 liv Loudoun Co VA m Nancy ?  Line Leader: Dave Woody [geneped(AT)]
    Bailey McCaffrey bc 1783 Loudoun Co VA m Lydia Clark
        Elzy McCaffrey bc 1812 Loudoun Co VA m Martha Savage
            William G. McCaffrey b 4 Feb 1838 OH m Mary E. Bevan m2 Harriet E. McCormick
                Roland Elza McCaffrey b 26 Feb 1864 Lawrence Co OH m Arabel Murnahan m2 Minnie Scarberry m3 Maria Reed
                    Charles McCaffrey b 16 Feb 1901 Muncie Delaware Co IN m Josephine Oliphant m2 Jessie Stone m3 Virginia Dotson M3

Michael McCaffrey bc May 1835 Co Tyrone IRL m Margaret Martin Line Leader: Lynn McCaffrey Cox [lynncox99(AT)]
Thomas Martin McCaffrey bc Oct 1862 PA m Nellie Helen Scanlon
        Thomas Joseph McCaffrey b 30 Apr 1889 Philadelphia PA m Christine Eileen Flam
            John Field McCaffrey b 27 Apr 1915 Minneapolis MN m Johannah Margaret Brit
t M4

Joseph McCaffry b 25 Dec 1861 liv IN m Mary Elmira Baysinger
    Arthur Welborn McCaffry b 7 Aug 1902 Vanderburgh Co IN m Eva Davis M5

James McCaffree bc 1795 KY m Margaret Morgan Line Leader: Sandra McCaffree Flickinger [mflickinger(AT)]
    William McCaffree  b 19 Nov 1819 Green Co KY m Harriet Conover
        Peter Conover McCaffree 10 Sep 1845 Cumberland Co KY m Lousarah Cheatham
            Samuel Lee McCaffree 16 Apr 1883 Adair Co KY m Lou Riall M6

William McCaffree bc 1790
    Charles McCaffree b 7 Jul 1816 Jefferson Co KY m Cynthia Messinger
        Floyd Jefferson McCaffree b 7 Feb 1851 Bremer Co IA m Rachel E. Stratton
            Charles David McCaffree b 9 Apr 1874  Bremer Co IA m Ethel Clough
                Charles McCaffree b  16 Oct 1907 SD m Florence Esther Ricker M7

Abraham McCafferty bc 1755 PA m Mary ?
    Abraham McCafferty bc 1802 Floyd Co IN m1 Sarah Groce m2 Elizabeth Groce
        Andrew McCafferty bc 1841 Floyd Co IN m Mary Alta Hutching
            William Albert McCafferty b 17 Jan 1869 Floyd Co IN m Adeline Louisa Gray
                John Robert McCafferty b 16 May 1900 Clark Co IN m Effa Schoonover M8

James McCaffrey bc 1746 liv Loudoun Co VA m Nancy ?
     Robert McCaffrey bc 1768 Loudoun Co VA m ? ?
         Levi McCaffrey  bc 1815 VA m Elizabeth Bates
             James S. McCaffrey b 19 Dec 1855 TN m Mary Evelyn Robinson
                 Robert Cantrel McCaffrey b 25 Mar 1882 TN m Annie Belle Banks
                     James Robert McCaffrey b 25 Jun 1926 TN m Bettye Jean Loggins M9

Patrick McCaffrey bc 1788 IRL m Ann Scallon
    Patrick McCaffrey b 20 Aug 1824 Quebec CAN m Margaret Nugent
        Joseph McCaffrey b 19 Apr 1869 Quebec CAN m Mary Scallon
            Joseph Leo McCaffrey b 20 Sep 1900 Quebec CAN m Anita Roux M11   

John Cafferkey bc 1800
    Anthony Cafferkey bc 1830 Co Mayo IRL
        Owen Cafferkey  bc 1860 Co Mayo IRL m Bridget Gallager
            Anthony J. McCafferty b 19 Aug 1890 Co Mayo IRE m Celia A. Vesey M12

Edward McCaffrey bc 1780 Co Fermanagh IRL m Elizabeth Armstrong
    John McCaffrey bc 1811 Co Fermanagh IRL m Catherine Lynch
        James McCaffrey b 20 Sep 1840 m Catherine Mullaly
            William James McCaffrey b 20 Sep 1869 CAN
                Milton Francis McCaffrey b 11 Jun 1905 NYC NY m Anne Cecile Debaun M13

Thomas Caffrey b 1785 Co Cavan, IRL m Catherine Caffrey
    Patrick Caffrey b 1838 Co Meath, IRL m Elizabeth Heaney
        Patrick Caffrey/McCaffrey b 1877 Co Meath, IRL m Catherine Roe
            Patrick McCaffrey b 17 Feb1914 Melbourne Victoria Co AUS m Margaret McInerney

John McCaffery bc 1793 Co Tyrone IRL, m Jane ?
   William McCaffery b 1839 Co Derry IRL, m Anne O'Donnell
        Hugh McCaffery b 5 Jun 1876 Donegal IRE, m1 Annie Dugan m2 Annie Lineen
             Edwin McCaffery b 8 Dec 1915 Auckland NZ, m Marie Buckley M18

John McAffrey bc 1795 KY or "at sea", m Margaret Kile
    Hugh McAffrey bc 1834 TN, m Frances Cordery
        Andrew Jackson McAffrey b 27 Mar 1874 Indian Territory OK m Ada Belle Edmiston
             Kenneth McAffrey b 10 Mar 1918 Delaware Co OK M21     

Patrick Caffrey b 1802 IRL m Mary Ann Miller
    John Caffrey b 1834 Philadelphia PA m Elizabeth Faunce
        James Caffrey b. 1857 Philadelphia PA m Ann Elizabeth Taylor
            James Caffrey b. 1880 Philadelphia PA m Elizabeth Vaughan
                Lynnford Caffrey b. 1909 Philadelphia PA m Amelia White  M22

James McCaffrey bc 1814 IN m Rachel Butler
    William McCaffrey b 17 Feb 1844 Floyd Co IN, m Harriet Hartley
        Herbert McCaffrey b 2 Nov 1872 Floyd Co IN, m Nellie Young
            Ivan McCaffrey b 2 Jan 1900 Floyd Co IN, m Florence Haffen M24

John McCaffrey bc 1811 IRL m Catherine Moan
   John McCaffrey b 7 May 1850 Co Monaghan IRL m Catherine Callan
        James McCaffrey b 25 Apr 1893 Co Monaghan IRL m Mary Kennedy
             James McCaffrey b 4 Aug 1932 Co Monaghan IRL m Agnes Geough M25

James McCaffree bc 1795 KY m Margaret Morgan
    William McCaffree  b 19 Nov 1819 Green Co KY m Harriet Conover
        Peter Conover McCaffree b 10 Sep 1845 Cumberland Co KY m Lousarah Cheatham

William H McCaffree  b 18 Mar 1870 Adair Co KY m Lavinia Taylor
                William T McCaffree b 17 Apr 1907 Adair Co KY m Katherine Peterson M26

Hugh McCaffrey bc 1819 IRL m Elizabeth Hetherington
   William Patrick McCaffrey b 1849 Quebec, CAN m Marie V L Bourdeau
        Herman Joseph McCaffrey b 1896 Winnipeg Manitoba CAN m Mabel G Bowker
            Raymond Leo McCaffrey b 1922 Winnipeg Manitoba CAN m Marie V Crouden M27

James McCaffrey bc 1820 IRL m Matilda Bowman
    Thomas J McCaffrey b 7 Sep 1868 Allegheny Co PA m Amelia Dietrich
        Robert E. McCaffrey b 14 Apr 1888 Allegheny Co PA m May Woelpern
            Robert F. McCaffrey b 5 Jan 1912 Spokane Co. WA m Zelma Metcalf M28

Michael McCaffrey bc 1836 Co Monaghan IRL
    James McCaffrey b 16 May 1869 Co Monaghan IRL m Sarah McCabe
        Frank McCaffrey b 14 Sep 1899 Co Monaghan IRL m1 Ellen Nolan m2 Ellen O'Bryne
            Frank McCaffrey b 1931 Co Louth IRE m Angela Clancy M32

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 Revised 1 Apr 2022